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How many people live in a community?

We aim to set up our communities in character buildings and neighbourhoods that are fun and interesting to live in - which makes all our communities different. Right now, our smallest community has 3 members and our largest can accommodate 8 people.

You always get your own private space and the shared spaces are set up to be used by multiple residents. Plus, seamless services and friendships means you get the best of living independently in the city and living with a community you love.


How do I pay rent and living expenses?

You pay a single monthly residency fee that includes rent and all the services listed on the homepage and community pages. No calculating the internet bill or fretting about who's using how much of the utilities - just a single, upfront cost you pay to Milyou. We ask that you're reasonable in your utilities usage - we like to be green and we also like keeping our residency fees low.

We offer flexible options for rent payment including Interac money transfer, cheque, or direct deposit. We can take credit cards as well, though we don't recommend it as processing fees apply.


What are the lease terms?

The residency fees quoted on the website reflect a standard 12-month lease but our residency agreements can start at a minimum of 6 months. Shorter residencies have a slightly higher cost per month, but we’re flexible about timelines and willing to work with you to accommodate your unique situation.


What is the bedroom suite like?

All bedrooms are furnished and ready for you to bring your stuff and settle in. Our communities are currently under renovation and each space is different. We’ll update images on the website as soon as possible, but in all of our bedroom suites you can expect built-in storage, a quality bed, and the option to bring your own mattress. Linens are not included.


Is laundry available?

Yes, at no additional cost! All of our communities have washers and dryers for your use (included in your residency fee). We also provide an iron, ironing board and drying rack, and laundry supplies like detergent and dryer sheets.


Are pets allowed?

We love pets but unfortunately, our co-living communities are not set up to accommodate furry friends. Our homes are not pet friendly at this time.


How do I move in?

With no need to coordinate moving furniture or set up utilities, it's pretty easy! Once you’ve been accepted and set your ideal move in date, we’ll be there to welcome you to your new home. We’ll help you get settled in your private bedroom suite, show you around the space, and give you your Milyou Co-living Kit. We’ll introduce you to the other community members and get you set up on the Milyou platform so you know how to pay rent and get in touch with your housemates and community manager. Once we’ve answered your questions, we’ll give you time to settle in and make yourself at home, but we're always available.


Do I share a bathroom?

Some of our homes will have private bathrooms, but most have shared. No more than 3 residents will share a bathroom. Thoughtful renovations and regular cleaning keeps things tidy.


How much is rent?

Residency fees vary based on the community, the bedroom suite, and the term of your residency. Once you fill out an application and determine which community is right for you, we’ll provide a clear residency fee that includes all the services and benefits of living with Milyou.


Are there any other costs I should know about?

As part of the application there's a $25 (+tax) charge for our tenant screening service. We also expect all our residents to hold tenant's insurance to ensure we're all protected. We're working towards including tenant's insurance in our residency fees, but right now tenants need to hold insurance in their own names. We'll let residents know when that changes and update this space, so keep an eye out! Otherwise, the usual cost of your food, possessions, transit, etc., is your own.

Where available, storage lockers and parking are additional costs.


What can I expect in the shared spaces?

The shared living space is designed to accommodate multiple residents with nooks to relax, read, watch tv, and work on your laptop. The kitchens are clean, well-designed, and thoughtfully stocked with appliances and cooking basics like salt and olive oil. You'll have a dedicated space in the fridge and shelf-space in the kitchen for your dry goods. Storage and functionality are among our top priorities, and we work to make each community space enjoyable and beautiful. Check out the community pages and fill out an application for specific details about each home.  


Do you rent to couples?

Yes, some of our larger bedroom suites are perfectly comfortable for couples. Couples will be charged a slightly higher rate for their bedroom suites to cover the additional costs of an added community member (supplies, utilities, wear + tear, etc.). Regardless, all of our rates are all-inclusive once agreed.


How do I apply?

Our application process is fast, easy and centred on getting to know you better. Fill out the application online and we’ll set up a call with our community manager to chat. After we know which community best fits your needs, we can set up a tour in person or virtually to make sure it’s the right spot for you to call home. Once it's decided, you’ll complete a background check through our friends at Naborly, sign a lease with terms that work for you, secure first and last month’s rent, and set up your move in date.

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