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Defeating the Tower of Stuff.

Less is more. More variety, more quality.

300 vacuum cleaners. 300 food processors. 300 big screen TVs. 300 video game consoles, and 300 blu ray players. 

That's what we see when we look at a 300 unit condo tower along Toronto's skyline. Duplication. Endless duplication.

The old economy encouraged us to own one of everything, partly for our convenience, but mostly for its profit. 

This approach to 'stuff' is clearly wasteful. We consume resources to consume stuff. But worse, we consume space. How much less space would you need in your apartment if you didn't need space for stuff you use less than 5 times a year? 

If you contributed toward the cost of shared items, sharing the cost, could you not have better quality stuff? And better variety? By sharing a car, a car sharer has options. A Prius to shop today, a pick-up to move tomorrow, and an Audi or BMW for date night. 

What do you wish you could have access to, right on your floor, that you couldn't until its shared?

Image from Pixabay

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