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Roommates? You're already co-living!

Our jobs are in cities. Our loves are in cities. Our friends are in cities. So we need to be in cities. Unfortunately, as urbanization progresses the world over, cities get more expensive, too.

In one sense, we should see that as a good thing. It's a reflection of the demand for us to live together, closely, as neighbours. It means we're seeking to take advantage of all the arts, culture, and wealth that cities have to offer.

In another sense, it means that remaining in cities gets harder and harder. Higher demand for space means higher cost for everything from homes, to groceries, to transportation.

But shared space means shared cost, and that's why there's a massive, growing trend of people (especially young urbanites) living together. In Toronto, there was a 20% increase in the number of people living with non-family members in just 5 years (between that last two censuses).

If you're living together, you're already co-living. It's a 'technology' as old as urban society. But sometimes living together can be hard. Sharing bills, buying groceries, art, furniture, and picking who gets which room - all of these can lead to stress and frustration.

Milyou offers co-living as a service to take the pain out of sharing space. Our mission is not just to make sharing space easier, but to actually create the environment in which your roommates are a virtue. They're a support. They're someone to broaden your perspective, teach you new things, and introduce you to new people. Because we're in the city to collide and interact...not quibble over the bills.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Pexels

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